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The objective is simple, find the exit and make it out alive. The maze is dark and full of shadowy wraiths lurking around. You need to find a way to turn the elevator back on and make it there in one piece. Good luck!

This is an early alpha version and does not reflect the final product. The title and game are subject to change.


  • if you press Shift + W, then release W but keep Shift down and press W again, the character will start moving at sprinting speed, but will play the walking sound and walking camera shake instead of the running sound and running camera shake. I don't know why this happens yet. If it happens, just let go Shift and when you press it again it'll play the correct sound + animation.
  • if you're crouched too close to the wall and try to get up, you might get stuck. Just crouch again and move away from the wall

(Some of the sounds may be recognizable as i borrowed them from other games, but will be replaced for original sounds in the future. For the moment they are only there for effect)

FUN FACT: The sound in the main menu is actually the sound of Saturn's magnetic field recorded by the Voyager probe as it passed by the planet. At some point the sounds fades out and you start to hear some sort of static. That was actually the probe going through Saturn's rings and being hit by dust and ice particles. Pretty cool stuff!

What's available:

  • settings menu + pause (accessible by pressing esc in game)
  • flashlight (after you find it and pick it up. also there is no battery limit on it, so go nuts)
  • automatic and interactable doors, buttons, touchpad
  • basic AI that will chase you for a while if it spots you, damage and kill you
  • sound environment
  • interactive objects outline hint

Future implementations:

  • save points (doesn't have save points yet, so yeah, sorry about that)
  • simple inventory system
  • a pill mechanic, kinda like anxiety pills you'll pick up and can use either when you're down on health or when you're trapped and a "ghost" is right on you. taking a pill will regain your full health and make the "ghosts" go away for a short time (limited amount)
  • free roam / survival mode
  • more levels
  • better AI
  • different monsters with different behavior
  • story (if i can fit a story around this game. have no idea what to do yet)

You may require a fairly decent computer to run this game properly.

I'm running this at 1600x900 with all settings set on High at 60 fps with some slight fps drops sometimes. You can increase or lower the settings and resolution and see what suits your machine better.

My machine:

  • i7-4700HQ 2.40 Ghz
  • 16 Gb ram
  • Nvidia GeForce 750m
  • Windows 8.1

This doesn't mean it's the minimum requirements. You can probably play this on lower spec machines, just don't know what the minimum is yet. This is the hardware I'm running on.

Install instructions

Simply extract the .rar file using winrar or any other extracting software to any folder you want.


Addiction Demo.rar 608 MB


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Gave it a go...

Updates? :P

Pretty good fun so far and very visually impressive. Keen to see how it develops if it still is in production, nice stuff.

Jogo Incrível, a espera da versão final!

Very awesome horror game! just did a let's play on it! https://youtu.be/R3EBa9_DESE

(3 edits)

Rawr, Heya! I played this demo - had a great time, loads of potential, super spooky. Just best to remove that The Last of Us clicker noise that is in there, outside of that, I want moar. Here's a video of my gameplay.